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  1. Hello Hola BrandyConCaramelos!

    My name is Mauro Paietta, italian guitarist of the band My Refuge, power metal band from Italy.
    We have recently recorded an EP of four songs titled «Living in Anger» that anticipates the release of the full length which will be released next months in 2014.

    We would like to be reviewed on your pages, the following links to download the presskit direct from our website,

    This is our second EP, followed by «3407» in 2010 even though the old training I was just me (the group was born as my project, now is a band for all purposes) and have undergone great changes at the global level, sound, songwriting, recording …

    For any clarification or information are available!

    Thank you and thanks for the support you give to our beloved music daily!

    Mauro Paietta

  2. Hola! Les dejo el link de nuetro primer disco (grabado en mayo de 2014) por si les interesa escuchar. Vamos a editarlo en formato físico para este 2015. Muchas Gracias, Saludos!!

  3. Muy bueno esto todo, aguante con esto, abzs.

  4. Te deseamos unas Felicies Fiestas y un Ao 2016 prospero,

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